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At Marcomit we love making things real. Our passion is to build innovative brands which are truly unique. Working in partnership with clients, we help them discover the authentic story which makes their brand makes clear, convincing and competitive. We’re there every step of the way from idea to launch, providing a variety of services and solutions, ranging from innovative physical and digital platforms to traditional high-quality print designs and social media.

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  • Smart strategy. Clever planning

    Brilliant creative and technological wizardry are nothing without a robust strategy, and well-conceived communication plan. At Marcomit, we invest a lot of time and energy in getting the strategy right, immersing ourselves in your business, market and consumer logic to bring fresh and critical thinking that illuminates your toughest marketing challenges.

  • The purpose of creative goes well beyond beautification to business transformation. That’s why we use creativity to reinvent and reinvigorate businesses. We pride ourselves in delivering creative, out of the box solutions that bring our strategic thinking to life and achieve our clients’ marketing goals.

  • We work hand-in-hand with our clients along every stage of the marketing process, to create their complete marketing story - from brand concept to 360 degree execution. We believe in communicating messages through a variety of channels. That’s why we offer a range of services and solutions - from innovative digital platforms to traditional high-quality print designs.

  • Our multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team comprises of senior marketing professionals, with international marketing and ad agency backgrounds. We are tuned into our clients’ commercial realities and leverage our diverse and rounded expertise to solving their real-world marketing and branding challenges.

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