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Creating content for today’s digital universe is a bit more than just holding a camera, which is why we’re looking for more than a photographer. We’re looking for someone to ideate, create, and polish premium level content for great brands. To be clear, the content we’re talking about is photography / videography for social channels and marketing websites. As a Content Creative your role is to turn a strategy into something real. You’ll collaborate with your team to build identities / aesthetics for brands, as well as pulling the overall narrative through long term engagements (in the service of business objectives).

The Role

  • Ideation for creative concepts based on defined strategy and objectives
  • Art direct the pre production process when applicable
  • On set, you’re holding the camera while working with the production team to ensure the vision is being brought to life.
  • Responsible for grading, retouching & editing of deliverables

About You

  • You’re the one who creatively solves problems.
  • You enjoy being an integral part of a team.
  • You love doing great work.
  • You have an ability to communicate clearly and effectively with teams and clients
  • You can operate under pressure and move between styles with a technical prowess.
  • You get social.


  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • copywriting

Fine Print

  • Strong organizational, planning, and time management skills.
  • Strong understanding of the tools of the trade, when to use and how to use them. Adobe Creative Suite, Unity, C4D, etc. etc.

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Position: Content Creator

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