Mastering Microalgae

Yemoja aims to provide the world with new sources of nutrition and care, by
ensuring the supply chain of new microalgae bioactives.

Yemoja’s mission is to unlock the benefits of microalgae for the benefit
of mankind. The new website and digital assets we created highlight their unique technology and state of the art facility, setting the gold standard for the industry.

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  • We cultivate a wide variety of micro-algae species which allows us to produce a range of  products for different high value industries.

  • Yields never seen

    With 200,000 species of microalgae and 500,000 not yet discovered and only 10 commercialized, we are just at the beginning of tapping into microalgae’s vast potential.

    They are a great source for natural, vegan, bioactive raw ingredients, that can be further incorporated into several products, including cosmetics, food & food supplements and pharmaceutical formulations.

  • Bilingual
    Website .

    We provide you with fully responsive, well-optimized and intrinsically crafted customized general and ecommerce websites that communicate your values to your customers and help you to achieve your goals.

    We use pre-built CMS platforms such as WordPress and build websites according to the mobile first principle.

    With User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), we map out every inch of your website from the starting gate (homepage) to the finish line (contact us or checkout) – maximizing usability and helping visitors understand the
    value you offer.

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