• Frutarom

    Flavor and Fine Ingredient Company Creating Natural Visibility and Creativity   Frutarom

  • Contguard

    Contguard – Cargo Monitoring Device From b2b startup to market leading

  • AstaFerm™ by NextFerm

    AstaFerm™ by NextFerm is an exclusive Astaxanthin-rich oil extract derived from the Phaffia yeast.

  • Algosec SKO 2019 Netanya

    We act as Algosec’s partners for their everyday marketing needs as well as creating booths, posters,

  • Amdocs Events

    We work hand in hand with the Amdocs Events Department, branding their events – from concept

  • Natura

    Agriculture and food ingredients Communicating the Power of Nature Natura

  • Mobilogy

    Mobile device lifecycle solutions Creating a Visual Language for Mobile Mobilogy


    Joint venture of AAK and Enzymotec Making the Transformation from B2B

  • Flo.live

    IoT ecosystem Creating an Iconographic Corporate Language Flolive

  • Spacit

    House of Technologies Transforming & Connecting Spaces Spacit

  • Starhome

    Roaming M2M Solutions Breakthrough Innovation Starhome Mach

  • Alpha

    Alpha Group – Cell Phone Accessories Creating a global b2b2c brand from

  • Kreal

    KREAL KRILL OIL Aiming Higher Krill oil is extracted from

  • Tiba

    Parking Systems Bringing Innovation to Parking Solutions TIBA

  • Callvu

    CallVU – Mobile Digital Engagement Platform Redefining Customer Engagement CallVU

  • ATS

    ATS Better – Mobile Phone Accessories Amplifying the Customer Experience ATS

  • Amdocs MFS

    Mobile Financial Services Redefining mobile money MFS is a

  • Syneron Adeline

    Syneron Candela – Aesthetic Medical Devices Seeing is Believing –

  • Alma

    Alma Lasers – Medical Devices Re-positioning the brand from cosmetic

  • Atid Plus

    Breakthrough technology education Atid

  • Mediport

    Mediport offers co-working spaces for medical professionals, providing centrally located centers of

  • Yemoja

    Yemoja cultivate a wide variety of microalgae species and produce a range of products for different

  • Allot

    Network intelligence and security solutions Securing a Brand Language Allot

  • Amdocs

    Amdocs – Customer Experience Systems Creating Connected Experiences Amdocs

  • Ricor

    Cooler Technologies Cool Digital Experience Meets Innovation Ricor

  • Cortica Corsight

    Cortica – Autonomous AI Powering the Future Cortica’s

  • Algosec

    Security Management Reaching for the Moon We act as Algosec’s

  • Check Point

    Software Technologies Visualizing the Future of Cyber Security CheckPoint

  • Aleph Farms

    Shaping the Future of Food Aleph Farms is leading the cellular agriculture revolution

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