Joint venture of AAK and Enzymotec

Making the Transformation from B2B to B2C

Advanced Lipids is a joint venture of AAK and Enzymotec. AAK is a leading global producer and supplier of vegetable fats and oils for the infant formula industry. Enzymotec Ltd. is a leading global supplier of specialty lipid-based products and solutions.

Marcomit has worked with the company in Israel and Sweden for several years, building their marketing strategy and implementing it; from the brand story to the company logo, visual elements, website, newsletters, presentations, packaging and print.

We created events with key opinion leaders and an independent international infant nutrition advisory board with leading industry experts.

Our INFAT brand benefit icon has been used by Nestle and Abbott on their packaging – transforming our B2B visual element to a form of B2C communication with customers.

Marcomit are our marketing partners and have been developing our strategic thinking, content, design and digital over the past six years. Our huge increase in sales is also due to them. We’ve had to increase our production facility three times to keep up with customer demand


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